2012 Mid Year’s Resolution

June of 2012 I made myself a resolution. As you can see above I even drew it out. I know I will succeed with the plan. I am doing it in steps. However, I am not sure what steps to do first, so I’ll play it by ear.

Above left to right.

  • Meet the man of my dreams. I wish it was Gavin Dunn. I love the way he eats a York Peppermint. (Still looking)
  • A new car.
  • Adapted Consulting.
  • Networking.
  • Exercising.
  • Losing weight.
  • Money in my pocket.
  • Money in the bank.
  • Another professional pic of me.
  • A loving partner.
  • Change my wardrobe.
  • An office.
  • Give up bread and dairy.
  • New set of friends.
  • Lose the girth.
  • Quite Smoking. (I succeeded by November 2012)
  • Family. I don’t mean get pregnant and have a litter. i mean be close to the one I have.
  • Sell my books, and have a hit on my website and blogs from around the world.
  • Savings for my own house.
  • Writer more.
  • Books, and more books on sell.
  • One of my books turned into a movie.

That’s it, nothing more.  I am going to do it. With little of my friends. If I tell them, they’ll be very negative about it. I will hear every excuse under the sun about how I am not going to succeed.  I know that they won’t read this. So I’m not worried. They’re too focused on themselves.  I talk and I literally see their eyes roll up to the sky and give a blank look, thinking of something about themselves.  Then they’ll stop me, liven up, be very active and talk about themselves.

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