3 Requirements of the Gay Community

3 Requirements of the Gay Community

There are 3 requirements to be happy in the Gay Community. Without at least one of the three you’re literally the walking gay dead. I don’t necessarily mean I agree with it. However, I do see it and I do believe others believe in it.

Why only 3? That’s a good question. I don’t know the answer to that. And if I did, I probably wouldn’t tell you. Okay. I would. I’d putting here on my blog. I mean, what else can I write about? Right?
Okay. You’re probably at the edge of your seat wondering what in hell I’m talking about. What are the dreaded 3 requirements of the gay community.
Can’t tell you until next blog.
Okay. I’ll tell you now.

The proverbial word that marks the beginning of life. Senior citizen marks the end of times. I once was young and now I’m almost old. This beautiful requirement of fitting in the gay community has left me alone as I walk slowly with my walker to my coffin.  Maybe I’ll get that kid to carry me over the tomb.  Whatever. I don’t have youth and more, but what I like in youth, I over compensate in wisdom.

Somehow beauty is now the rage. Actually it always has been. Michelangelo’s sculptured David in stone. I’m pretty sure he manhandled that boy to get every inch of his body just right.  David would pose, tire and Michelangelo’s would massage him. Michelangelo’s would sculpt the stone and massage it as well.  He went back and forth from warm, tight, skin to a cold, hard stone.  I’m so jealous of Michelangelo, he had a living human body in his hands (literally) to work from.  I looked good until I was 26. I was a fat kid growing up. I turned 18 and I was slim and tight. I turned 25 and the physical demands of the Army sculptured my body. 26 I let go of the physical strains and grew, grew and grew like Jubba the Hut.

This is what differentiates the Boys form the Boy Toys. If you have money you don’t have to have the youth or the looks. I can account for that wholeheartedly. I know about boys that look at me and think I have money and I’ve known grown man pay for those boys. I’m flat broke.

Life is a funny thing. Without one of the top three you’re screwed. I am the living, walking dead in the gay community. Life sucks, no wonder I’m single.


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