30 Days of Passion

I light my fifth cigarette of the morning and smoke into the cool February air.  Taking a sip of my coffee I greet the apartment worker below my balcony as he picks up cigarette butts. “Sorry about that. I told him not to.” I wink at the cute Mexican guy. “You’re new?”

“Si. Me llamo Jose. Gusto en conocerle.” He waves and smiles back at me. I can’t help but to stare at his toned body. Dark hair cut short gave him a gangster look, just like my Jose.

“Nice to meet you too.” I wonder how he is in bed. Would he know how to make me scream in ecstasy? Enough of that, am I really that lonely and desperate? He has the same build, same crooked smile. Except that my Jose has eyes that invite you to the dark side and keep you there. Where are you Jose? I just got you and now you’re gone.

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