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Andres Fragoso, Jr. is an incredibly versatile author who created literary compositions in various genres including poetry, flash fiction, and journalism. He has also worked as an advisor for over a dozen online social media platforms, including the world-renowned Facebook and Twitter. His literary works touch subjects that range from writing advice to sexuality, and to cultural issues. Andres is best known for his Writer's Sidekick Series; a series of books which are focused on improving the writing techniques of novice learning authors. He has also authored Listen, Poems on Being Gay, Bipolar, Alive, along with a fascinating list of short stories and novels.

His gripping articles have appeared on Queer-Voices, Wikinut, and other prominent online writing outlets. Andres's short stories are showcased on several Writer's Bloc: A Vegas Valley Showcase Series of The Henderson Writers Group, and Messages Straight From The Heart: Stories of Inspiration from Nevada. Due to his creativity and experience in short fiction, he is also featured in other online venues such as The Story Shack, Gay Flash Fiction, and Wilde Oats. His poetry is seen in over 15 different anthologies.

Andres is involved in many writing groups and communities, such as The Las Vegas Writers Group, Sunset Erotica Group, and The Secret Men\'s Guild. He was the Vice President and is the current Secretary of The Henderson Writers Group.

Andres has a Master's degree in Business Management and Marketing, which led him to build up many companies from small start-ups to successful ventures. He has attended business workshops, marketing training, website development, and blogging classes, as well as conferences and conventions.

For more than 20 years the author has worked as a consultant in various sectors of the business industry. The vast experience and knowledge which he gained in business and advertising, led him to be an incredibly successful writer and entrepreneur. It has also helped others find success in their respective fields. consultancy works (for The Ghoster Consulting which helps new authors market and self-publish their books)

Andres was born and raised in Santa Monica, California and currently lives in Las Vegas, NV with his family. As a result of his time in the army, traveling experience, and several years of education in Mexico, Andres has had the unique opportunity to learn about different cultures. These experiences have also shaped his writing style and writing subjects.

Family is a prominent aspect of Andres' life, and this reflects in his poetry, novels, and short stories. Even though each one of his literary creations differs from one another in various ways, they all are built around the topic of acceptance despite apparent differences from the majority (in race, culture, and religion).