Accepting Emails

Why not Snail Mail is much faster.

I’ve been known to post some elaborate postings on the internet. I go all out with thoughts, goals, dreams and so on and so forth. At one time I think I did a dissertation and got many A’s. Other times I write a few paragraphs and rant and rave about dating men who are idiots. I have fun with those.

So here is my rant. If you took the time to read my looooong posting. Wich is a feat on its own. And then you too? the time to write back with more than a word. You know complete sentences and thoughts. I don’t get many of those. I read and am very happy and I respond to the email.

I get a message that states that the email is not accepted by AOL. ┬áReally? What the hell? Why go through all that trouble if you can’t receive my email. Next time send me your PO Box and I’ll snail you a message.


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