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I have a poem published here. Check it out. You’ll love it.   “Imagoes, the long awaited queer anthology complied and edited by Jamal Jones and published by Love, Pain & Poetry Publishing. Writers, performers and multi disciplined artists come together for this expression of space and a new era the journey of being queer. […]

My Boy Toy

I mentioned before that I am not comfortable with having a boy toy. I’ll tell you why. When I hit thirty-five for some reason, younger men started following me. Ask me out or getting to know me. At first, it was cool, why not someone younger and virile and handsome. I paid most of the […]

#1 of the Top 10 Gay Male Character Archetype – Straight Acting or Butch

Men by definition are masculine. The word masculine brings us images of a male human with square shoulders, a V torso, strong arms and legs and a very square jaw. A man. The Alpha Male. When we write male characters this is the image that is automatically imagined by readers. We then write about the […]