#1 of the Top 10 Gay Male Character Archetype – Straight Acting or Butch
Articles , Wkinut / September 3, 2018

Men by definition are masculine. The word masculine brings us images of a male human with square shoulders, a V torso, strong arms and legs and a very square jaw. A man. The Alpha Male. When we write male characters this is the image that is automatically imagined by readers. We then write about the color of hair, eyes, how handsome they look in a loincloth in a romance novel. How virile and strong they are in an action novel. There is no difficulty writing about a Straight Man. Read more at 

Gay Characters
Articles , Wkinut / September 3, 2018

Writing gay characters is a very difficult task. The challenge is in creating a memorable character that is not a stereotype or derogatory. The intent on writing a good gay character is knowing how to distinguish them in your writing without offending the character or the LGBT community. Read the rest at 

Under the Lemon Tree
Published Books / August 26, 2018

DEDICATION mathew 23:27 woe on to your scribes and pharisees, hypocrites! For ye are like unto whited sepulchers which indeed appear beautiful outward but are within full of dead men’s bones and of all uncleanness ACKNOWLEDGMENT positive influences family and friends who have always been by my side preventing mictlantecahtli’s grasp from taking me to mictlan, land of no smoke hole by praying for the release of my soul or salvation UNDER THE LEMON TREE the lemontree surname lovely, loving sisters in arms fighting each other ridiculous reasons using father’s illness, an excuse for bloodshed words are more dangerous, sharper than a knife, drawing blood TLAMAMALLI one who bears a burden loving each other openly respect i had learned from each and much more together you fought battles for each other’s life let us bring peace to our family’s name together again CUALCAN memories are special cherish them always in my heart family is forever and a day our grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins father, mother, sisters brother, nieces, and nephews MELAHUAC the perfect family i grew up loved, as the firstborn each aunt very different from the other like a garden of dahlias each assorted color all seven beautiful, honorable,…

Under the Lemon Tree / May 1, 2018

Xocotl a lemon A Quauitl is a tree Together, in Nahuatl, lemon tree My family’s surname I honor and respect Sweet, bitter, energy, good mood, like a family    

3 Req – Money
Articles / May 1, 2018

 Money Let’s say you’re older now. And, you’re fatter now. Let’s just say that all you have now is money. You’re in luck. You’re officially what the younger guys want in the gay community.  I have met many men who have the money and they know what to do with it. One such man comes to mind, he’s around fifty or so, and he has money. (NO. NOT the creep I was telling you about earlier. He’s flat broke and lonely) Lot’s of money. Wealthy. He is good looking in a exotic way, fit (forced to be on a diet and exercises by the doctor) and amiable. Very nice personality and I’m happy to have known him. When I first met him I was taken aback with what he did.  We would walk around the mall to walk or buy something and out of the blue he would tell me, “Wait here, I have to do something.” At first I thought nothing of it. After a while I was curious. I followed him. He walks up to young men around their twenties, strike up a conversation and exchange numbers. After a few months of feeling more comfortable with me, he…

New Beau and an Ex
40 Gay and Dating / April 30, 2018

New Beau and an Ex Now that I’m in my 40’s I’m not really looking for someone too young. I want to meet someone that is around my age plus or minus ten years at the most. I don’t want to be the dirty old man like that guy I was telling you about. Nor do I want to be the gold digging little whore I can become.  No I want something simple and clean. Nonetheless, I have a great story for you. 40’th birthday was well on its way and approaching fast.  I wasn’t sure how I wanted to spend it, so I came up with this great idea to have a Black and White party. Everyone come in black and white and have ho rs d’oeuvres and cocktails, some entertainment and a lot of fun.  As the days creeped slowly to death. That summer I met this hot, very hot young man. I didn’t know how he was at the time. He was a manager for a store (let’s just say), he had his own place, his own car and everything.  Latino, but looked white, unless he spoke Spanish you wouldn’t know.  He grabbed my attention and we…

3 Req. Youth
Articles / April 24, 2018

Youth.  How young is young? Depends on how old you are.If you’re 16, then 14 is excessively young. If you’re 30, then 14 is illegal, 16 is almost legal, 18 is legal, but somewhat freaky, and 25 is okay. 30 is just right, 35 is still all right, 40 is older, 50 is old, 60 and above then you’re just a boy toy. In the gay community. Twinks. 18 to 25 is the perfect age. You can party, do drugs, get drunk and wake up in any bed you want. I hope that you’re playing safe. Aids is not as scary as it was in the 80’s but it’s still there. You can get any man you want. You can even charge for it. Okay, not with legal tender I hope, but definitely with dinners, movies and the like. Boy Toy. Yes, I’m talking to you. The Man. Now if you’re 26 to 37. You’re a MAN. You’re defined by now. You have a job. Your own apartment and your own car. I hope that it runs. The car. Younger guys are looking at you because you’re more mature and you don’t drink as much or party too much. Nevertheless,…

3 Requirements of the Gay Community
Articles / March 10, 2018

3 Requirements of the Gay Community There are 3 requirements to be happy in the Gay Community. Without at least one of the three you’re literally the walking gay dead. I don’t necessarily mean I agree with it. However, I do see it and I do believe others believe in it. Why only 3? That’s a good question. I don’t know the answer to that. And if I did, I probably wouldn’t tell you. Okay. I would. I’d putting here on my blog. I mean, what else can I write about? Right? Okay. You’re probably at the edge of your seat wondering what in hell I’m talking about. What are the dreaded 3 requirements of the gay community. Can’t tell you until next blog. Okay. I’ll tell you now. Youth The proverbial word that marks the beginning of life. Senior citizen marks the end of times. I once was young and now I’m almost old. This beautiful requirement of fitting in the gay community has left me alone as I walk slowly with my walker to my coffin.  Maybe I’ll get that kid to carry me over the tomb.  Whatever. I don’t have youth and more, but what I like in…

an interview with stepeh lovatt
Queer Voices / February 17, 2018

Religion is sometimes a very difficult topic to touch on if you’re queer. For me being gay and having faith was a struggle of the conscience. From one side of the spectrum I heard all the horrible things that will happen to me for being gay and not following the Church. I grew up believing that if I wanted to believe in God, I would have to give up being whom I am. Then, I found Stephen Lovatt, author of “Faithful to the Truth.” Communicating with him across the pond has been a life changing experience. Read full article here

My Twenties
40 Gay and Dating / January 19, 2018

When I was in my twenties, things didn’t change much. I was now attracted to men my age. Imagine that.  However, there were a couple of cases when an older man (32) caught my attention. It was a very seductive thought. An older man.  Oooohhh. A spoiled rich brat that started working at a fast food restaurant because his father was going to take him on the trust. I still have the silver Chai he gave me. I get a kick when people see me where it. A few gentlemen tried to have a conversation with me in Yiddish. Let’s do that “If I knew then what I know now” thing. I’m getting to like that silly cliche; it serves its purpose.  When I hit 19 and 20, I was a big whore. Let’s be honest. I slept with students, teachers, faculty at the school it was going to. I got my self-involved in all the school activities. I was secretary of Student Government, I was a Big Brother and a few other select committees I started. So, yes. If with what I know now, I probably wouldn’t do that. I was immature and vulnerable. I manipulated men easily. I…

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