Type Great

Type Great one more time and see what happens.

I know how to write. I am old enough to know how to write full sentences and large paragraphs.  What is happening to the world today. It’s bad enough that middle America is dummying themselves down, but come on. This is Vegas. We’re a little more civilized than that. Wait. No. We’re not. We get all the rejects form the Red States. They barely know how to write their name and they still vote as if they knew what they were voting for.

When I respond to a post that I might be interested, I write a complete sentence or two. Sometimes a four or five sentence paragraph. I’m not saying that because I’m a write I know how to write. I just have the decansy to write my thoughts.

Why is it that I get responses that go like this:

  • Like you ad
  • Hot
  • Nice
  • Still lookin
  • what you size
  • great ad
  • need I go on?
No. I feel offended as it is. Come on guys. Show me that you can comprehend the written language. If you can’t say more than a word in an email, what do you say in person. Huh???
Somebody tell me please why do I still bother with the listings from Craig.
I’m bored that’s why.

I’m a Bottom

Please, please, please people. What’s up with that? Why do I need to know that you’re a bottom? I mean, those are the words I hear after “Let’s Cuddle,” and “I don’t have money for bus fare.” Leave some mystery, let’s get to know each other first. How bold. I’m on a date to know you, to get some kind of friendship going and maybe go to bed.

But, then again. If yo don’t tell me before hand, than in bed it would be a disaster. I get it now. But still, let’s converse first and then decide on what we’re going to do.

“I’m a bottom.” Sounds like an opening for a bad porno.
One case in point.

I go out on a date and we hang out. We talk for a few minutes and then he casually tells me that’s he’s a bottom. I’m fine with that. Then he insists that I have to be a Top through out the whole relationship because he can’t get it up. Dude. The guy’s 27. How the hell does he not get it up? A medical condition he says. BS. I say. He’s just lazy.