My Boy Toy
40 Gay and Dating / May 14, 2019

I mentioned before that I am not comfortable with having a boy toy. I’ll tell you why. When I hit thirty-five for some reason, younger men started following me. Ask me out or getting to know me. At first, it was cool, why not someone younger and virile and handsome. I paid most of the way, not sure why it seemed expected of me. One guy, in particular, let’s name him Trevor. We met casually in Venice, strike up a We had a lot of fun, but it was getting expensive — dinners, movies, amusement parks, etc. Oh, and the gas, because I was always picking him up and dropping him off, which of course was in a different city than where I lived, about an hour drive on the freeway. Anyway, it got expensive. After a while of this and my funds were running low. I told him that he also has a job and he might want to pay his way. I have my apartment and car, he still lived at home and rode with his aunt to work. Guess what happened next.  Guess. No really guess. I NEVER HEARD OR SAW HIM AGAIN.

Three and only 3
40 Gay and Dating / January 15, 2019

The Power of 3? So, yes I’ll admit. I’m a bit of a slut. Well, the male version of it. Anyway. I hooked up with this guy, and we spent hours together. We talked a bit, but mostly with each other and just enjoying life. Life was grand; here I thought I found someone that I would be comfortable with. Same insights, same likes and dislikes and all of that. I was a happy man. Then. After the third time we were together, I didn’t hear from him. What the f(&*( happened. Maybe he had a lot of work to do. Maybe he needed a break? Perhaps there was an emergency with his family? I don’t know. For all, I knew he was dead in a ditch being raped by a meth addict. Come to find out he got back in touch with me. He said that he was visiting Vegas for that week and had a lot of fun. Now he’s back home with his wife and kids somewhere in New York. Really? What the hell? Couldn’t he tell me this first? Let me know that I was going out with a married man? OMG. What is wrong with…

New Beau and an Ex
40 Gay and Dating / April 30, 2018

New Beau and an Ex Now that I’m in my 40’s I’m not really looking for someone too young. I want to meet someone that is around my age plus or minus ten years at the most. I don’t want to be the dirty old man like that guy I was telling you about. Nor do I want to be the gold digging little whore I can become.  No I want something simple and clean. Nonetheless, I have a great story for you. 40’th birthday was well on its way and approaching fast.  I wasn’t sure how I wanted to spend it, so I came up with this great idea to have a Black and White party. Everyone come in black and white and have ho rs d’oeuvres and cocktails, some entertainment and a lot of fun.  As the days creeped slowly to death. That summer I met this hot, very hot young man. I didn’t know how he was at the time. He was a manager for a store (let’s just say), he had his own place, his own car and everything.  Latino, but looked white, unless he spoke Spanish you wouldn’t know.  He grabbed my attention and we…

My Twenties
40 Gay and Dating / January 19, 2018

When I was in my twenties, things didn’t change much. I was now attracted to men my age. Imagine that.  However, there were a couple of cases when an older man (32) caught my attention. It was a very seductive thought. An older man.  Oooohhh. A spoiled rich brat that started working at a fast food restaurant because his father was going to take him on the trust. I still have the silver Chai he gave me. I get a kick when people see me where it. A few gentlemen tried to have a conversation with me in Yiddish. Let’s do that “If I knew then what I know now” thing. I’m getting to like that silly cliche; it serves its purpose.  When I hit 19 and 20, I was a big whore. Let’s be honest. I slept with students, teachers, faculty at the school it was going to. I got my self-involved in all the school activities. I was secretary of Student Government, I was a Big Brother and a few other select committees I started. So, yes. If with what I know now, I probably wouldn’t do that. I was immature and vulnerable. I manipulated men easily. I…

A Moment in Time
40 Gay and Dating / January 16, 2018

A Moment in Time There comes a moment in one’s life that you realize that something’s wrong. You are just not sure of what it could be. Maybe it is the lack of money. Nah. I can do without wealth I have so far. Maybe it is the lack of family. Nope. My family loves care and me for me. We have our differences but then who does not. Maybe it is the lack of friends. Hell no. Friends are a dime a dozen, they come, they go, they blend. Those quarters are the ones you keep close to you. I have my buck fifty and I am very happy and fortunate to have those few friends. Scattered across the US table and underneath the bed somewhere, but they are my friends and I love them dearly. I digress, there is something missing in my life, and I know what it is. It is called patience. I see my family, friends, relatives, and characters on TV. You all are *&^ crazy. I mean craaaazy for putting up with other people’s mess. REALLY? Is that what love is all about? Putting up with someone’s mess? I can barely put up with…

My Teens II
40 Gay and Dating / February 27, 2016

I remember when I first turned 18. I had a crush on this kid in wrestling at my school.  And a crush at this Punk, who used to walk me home. If only a guy would take the time to walk me back home today. That’d be funny.  I had fun in High School the wrestling kid always walked me from one class to the other. He was my age. Obviously, he was a wrestler, about 5’9, tight body, beautiful blue eyes and dressed very casual. The punk on the other hand. He was almost 6 feet. Very thin, smoked and had a lanky body, naturally toned. I only saw him after school hanging out at the field waiting for me.  First, he walked me home from school, after a few months, he picked me up from home and walked me to school.  I know that he lived on the opposite side of the classroom.  I wish I would have done something with either one. Nonetheless, I have fond memories of those two. There was, however, this one Air Force guy. I was working at a fast food restaurant, and he would come in and place his order. He came in at…

The Man of my Dreams
40 Gay and Dating / February 19, 2016

Well, that’s why I made this blog.  To let you know how I’m going to get him.  Maybe It’s you, or you, or you.  I don’t.  I genuinely wish it was Gavin Dunn, but I won’t hold my breath. Take a look at this blog and tell me what kind of laugh you’re getting. Stay focused and move forward. That’s my goal. Yes in deedee. I want someone that is nice. I don’t much look into age. Of course, he needs to be over 21. I would like a drink now and then.  Under 100. Yes, the centennials are out. I would talk about 1980, and he’s going to talk about the 1880’s. Not going to happen. Sincere. I know way too many guys that are so into themselves. All they talk about themselves. It’s about them. You’re dying in the hospital, and all they can talk about is a pimple on their nipple and how much it hurts.  Good looking. Of course, that’s subjective. What I think is cute may not be what everyone thinks is cute.  So who knows. Maybe you’re cute. Employed or at least seeking a job.  I don’t care what you do for a living….

Age is Irrelevant
40 Gay and Dating / February 13, 2016

Age is Irrelevant at 20, 30, 40’s and beyond. It doesn’t matter what age you are. What matters is how old your partner is.  People may say, any age is good as long as their is love. I agree with that. Age should not be relevant. But in many cases it is. It just depends on how you are, as I said before. When I was teen, I was attracted to older men. By older I meant two to three years. High School seniors, College guys, military guys. The whole prospect of someone older than 25 was unthinkable. My first love was when I was in High School. He was a senior. My first crush, was the 23 year old Physical Education teacher. Brown eyes, brown hair, nice physic. I thought he was the mature kind of guy. The senior was just an idiot chasing my neighbor and sleeping with my girlfriend (sounds like a soap.) When I was in my twenties, things didn’t change much. I was now attracted to men my own age. Imagine that.  However, there were a couple of cases when an older man (32) caught my attention. It was a very seductive thought. An older…

Casual Sex (not for me afterall)
40 Gay and Dating / February 4, 2016

So, I took the plunge. I was really in the mood for some fresh meat. Get it? Fresh Meat? Anyway, we had the best sex ever. I mean EVER. He knew what he was doing, and he was only 19. I think, maybe 20. Regardless, I didn’t know his age until month’s later. By then it didn’t matter. I had regular sex on a daily basis. I was so exhausted in the mornings that I barely made it work. I thought I would enjoy the attention. You know the sex. Because there was no other attention; We never talked, never conversed, never left my room. Go would call, come over (wink), do our thing and leave. Or I would call, he would come over (double wink), do our thing, and he would leave. I was exhausted both mentally and physically. A few month’s of glory was also a few months of hell. I felt lonely and not loved. I wanted more. I want to be loved, talked to, taken out to dinner, a drink, a movie. I’ll settle for a walk around the block. As long as it is with someone that wants me to. Not just for my body,…

Accepting Emails
40 Gay and Dating / January 1, 2016

Why not Snail Mail is much faster. I’ve been known to post some elaborate postings on the internet. I go all out with thoughts, goals, dreams and so on and so forth. At one time I think I did a dissertation and got many A’s. Other times I write a few paragraphs and rant and rave about dating men who are idiots. I have fun with those. So here is my rant. If you took the time to read my looooong posting. Wich is a feat on its own. And then you too? the time to write back with more than a word. You know complete sentences and thoughts. I don’t get many of those. I read and am very happy and I respond to the email. I get a message that states that the email is not accepted by AOL.  Really? What the hell? Why go through all that trouble if you can’t receive my email. Next time send me your PO Box and I’ll snail you a message. Frustrating.

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