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My Cowboy

My Cowboy A cowboy walks before me. Is that Jake? He looks like Jake. What kind of car is he driving? The same walk. Why do cowboys wear skin-tight jeans? His cowboy shirt loose not tight and stretched on his toned frame. He used to favor dark colors, now wearing a light blue shirt. His […]


Radiology Franklin sits on the table in the examination room. “I’m Dr. Rontgen.” Dr. Rontgen stood up and fixed his stethoscope on Franklin to hear his heartbeat. “What seems to be the problem?” “I think I’m having a heart attack.” “What makes you say that?” “My chest hurts, my arm goes numb, I can’t breathe […]

The Regret

The Regret Aroon sat up from the love nest of soft leaves. “Dugan, do you feel any regret over the changes we made?” He covered his shoulders with his hands, feeling a cold shiver shoot across his naked back. “I do feel regret.” Dugan closed the distance to warm Aroon with his own body. “We […]