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Characters make the book interesting. In your day to day life you will see many people around you. Some you will find very interesting and will want to give them a place in your novel. Have fun with your characters. Make your leading man a weak man. Make your leading women a strong woman. Break […]

for Names

We all have names. Our names have unique meanings that are important to those who gave them to us. A name represents more than life, it represents a deep meaning to the person carrying it. Your characters are also defined by the name you give them. Names are what gives your character’s character. They define […]

for Critique

The Writer’s Sidekick for Critique, is designed to help you with critiquing your work. Take this book with you to a critique group or follow one on-line and use it to take summary notes of your fellow writers’ advice and critique. For each chapter you might have more than one person do a critique, you […]

for Novel

 The Writer’s Sidekick for NovelsAs a writer, do you struggle to get yourself organized when writing a story? Do you start with a character and by chapter four he became a she and with a different name altogether? Maybe at the beginning of your story, your heroine has blue eyes and has one name, at the end […]


How long does it take to write a book? It depends on you. You are the one in charge. Start by filling in the dates as you go through the writing process. This helps in determining how long it takes for each work of literature. You will see how in a short time you created […]

Blog About It

Blog your thoughts, ideas, stories, articles, and let the world know you have a voice. This is your Blog Notebook, use it well.Don’t forget. Blog about it..The Blog should bring people to your website. The Writer’s Sidekick Blog Notebook was written with you in mind. It is broken down in sections for easy guidance and […]