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Time Line

It’s important for you to keep up with the process of time in your story. All things happen in a sequence and keeping track of that helps so much on the long run. You may change chapters’ order, or their scenes, but in doing so aren’t you also changing the sequence of the story. You […]


When does your story take place? Does it take place in one night? Or maybe a year? Or maybe it took a century? The calendars in the notebooks are designed for twelve months. This ways you start with the day the novel started, and it goes through to the end. At least for a year. […]


Giving your book a Title is the most distressing thing to do. Right after writing a syllabus. There are so many things to consider when giving a title to your book. Your title needs to convey the theme, plot, story concept, and so forth. Play with titles and tell your friends and family to help […]

Writer’s Sidekick

At The Writer’s Sidekick, we’re committed to providing you with quality, personalized notebooks, available resources to better your craft. Our calendar of events showcases local and national writing events. Submit your professional website information so other writers can contact you. . ObjectiveThe Writer’s Sidekick Objectives is to help authors organize their craft, by providing them […]


All stories have a goal in mind. A lost treasure. A lost love. A magic potion. A new planet. Revenge. Avenge. A baby. Death. Peace. Etc. the list goes on and on. What’s your story’s goal? Is it an item or a realization? Define it so you know that you have a goal in mind […]

Back Story

All great literature has a back story. What’s yours? Think of how your characters developed before they entered the story you’re writing. We all have a history. Things happened to us as we grew up. We lost a parent at a young age as opposed to being an adult. Our rearing would be different. It […]