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Where is your story taking place? Bring your writer to the location, time period by showing them what’s around the characters. Make sure you don’t tell. Give the writer clues. Clues to a good setting. Temperature, is it cold, hot, warm, freezing or room temperature? Show us by a shiver, a sweaty character, anything that […]


What is the mood of your story? What do you want your readers to feel when they read your book? Most of us have no idea what the theme is for our story. Some of us actually think of the theme before writing the story. It’s all subjective to the writer. What if you’re writing […]


Plot. Plot is like a letter. First you know who you’re going to send it to. That’s easy enough, the title of the book. Alright we’re getting somewhere. We have to know to whom its going, right? What is the letter about? You to whom, but what do you want with the letter? What is […]


What is the concept of your story? In this chapter we talk about your Genre, Sub genre, Point of View, Time Period, Setting/Location, Protagonist, Antagonist, Goal, Obstacle and Resolution. What is your Genre and Sub-Genre? Who are you writing for? What is your target audience. It helps if you actually know what you writing. If […]

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Here at The Writer’s Sidekick, we’re committed to providing you with quality, personalized notebooks, available resources to better your craft. Our calendar of events showcases local and national writing events. Submit your professional website information so other writers can contact you.  . Objective The Writer’s Sidekick Objectives is to help authors organize their craft, by […]