Ex’s are Assholes

X boyfriends. Yes the Devils.

How do you stop from living your life due to an ex? I know I did at one point. I mean really. Why in gay hell would you still be friends with them? I always tried to be nice, and caring and be an adult about it. Nah. It doesn’t work. Not only are they ass holes, but so am I.  I’ve done something that I may not be proud. It just so happens that at the time it seemed like the appropriate thing to do. You know to screw with them.

I think I may have crossed the line when I slept with my ex’s boyfriend. They weren’t compatible anyway. I was trying to prove that the guy was no good. That the guy was an ass and taking advantage of him was easy. I did it because I had a heart and wanted my ex to live his life well. So, I thought. I was just exercising some very mean emotions and taking it out on him.

Of course, every action deserves a reaction. This same ex came into town and told the guy that I was trying to get in his pants that we were having a baby and getting married. I swear I was about to close the deal on the guy and consummate it that night. Months of working hard to get him to trust me and feel comfortable with me. No. This jackass just comes over and starts putting doubt on the guy’s mind. The guy tells me that I’m trying to make my ex-jealous and he wants nothing to do with me. F(*&

I am going to revenge my sunken battleship. It’s kind of hard because we’re not on speaking terms as of late.

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