I’m Over 40

I’m over 40
When I turned 40, I knew that I was headed for a slow death. No more dating younger guys. No more going out with them for sex, that was it for me. I became focally dead to the world. So what do I do know? I am currently overweight, poor, an old man looking for love. Pathetic? No. I don’t think so. It comes with the territory.
I feel that I need to make some better decisions about who I date and who my friends are.  It’s not easy being 40. Heck, it was easy 16, 20, or 30. However, 40 is a whole different world. I’m afraid of how it’s going to when I’m 50. I think that’d be a whole another story in a decade or so. For now, let’s focus on my misadventures of dating at 40.
I think I had a better time dating when I was in my teens, and a more relaxed time in my twenties. I became a little harder on my thirties, and now I’m over forty. Let’s see where this yellow brick road takes me.
As a reader, I hope you share your experiences with me and others that are reading this blog.  Do I want to know what happened to you? What are you going through?  If you’re in your twenties, tell me about those older guys your dating. If your thirty, is dating both older and younger? And if you’re around my age, How young is young, and how old is old?
Take my head. Eat healthily, work hard, save and above all pretend you’re younger than what you are.

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