“Melvin, Melvin!” Lukas yelled down the hallway as fast as a tall and round ten-year-old could take him. Busting into his grandfather’s room he jumped on the bed. Heaving and catching his breath he sat on his grandfather. “Melvin. Wake up. It’s Pumpkin Spice season. We’re going to go shopping.”

The weight of the boy pushed the air out of Melvin’s lungs. Pumpkin Spice season. Already? Melvin opened his eyes to a round, freckled face, ginger boy’s emerald eyes. Pushing Lukas to the side and taking a deep breath, he rubbed his hands together with excitement. “I get to make my special Pumpkin Spice recipe. Just like my grandmother used to make in Germany.” I think he’s big enough. I don’t believe Lukas’ body can get any bigger.

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