Lil’ Gliding Paws

As anyone that knows me, I love a challenge. Lil’ Gliding Paws have presented me with a challenge of creating a website that is unique to their industry and also to their liking.

After hours of tweaking one thing or another. Changing colors, sizes, formats, and you name it, we did t. Lil’ Gliding Paws are customers that I will always remember. They are fun to work with and challenge me at every moment. “We need it to be perfect,” as one owner said. I gave her that and more.

This week is San Gennaro Feast week here in Las Vegas. I hope you can go to the Feast and stop by and greet the attendees at the Lil’ Gliding Paws booth. They’re close to the petting zoo. Coincidence? Maybe. It’s all in the universe.

Lil’ Gliders provide great fun and entertainment to children and parents through our adorable electric animal rides called “Lil’ Gliders.” It is one of the newest and best kid´s activities in Las Vegas!

Hope to see you.

Andres Fragoso, Jr.

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