Listen, Poems on being Gay, Bipolar, and Alive


Listen to me when I cry,
I\'m not asking for your opinion or advice,
I\'m asking for your shoulder where I can cry,
I\'m only asking for a little of your time.

Listen to me when I am depressed,
To yell at me \"Get over it!\" does not help me,
I do not get sick at will. I did not choose to be ill,
I\'m asking for your understanding.

Listen to me when I have fears and tears,
To tell me: \"It\'s all in your head,\" does not encourage me,
Yes, it is in my head, that\'s why it\'s a mental illness,
I have no control of these fears or shedding tears.

Listen to me when I\'m in agony,
To tell me: \"You want attention,\" does not comfort me,
I\'m not five years old and don\'t need you to scold me,
I need you to comprehend my agonizing pain.

Listen to me when I am depressed,
I\'m not asking for attention and it\'s not always in my head,
My illness is real. Real to me, I feel it every day,
Why do you undermine my pain?

Listen to me when I cry,
It hurts me when you don\'t listen and ignore my pain,
I am your son, your brother, your nephew,
I am your cousin, your blood and your friend.

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