My Brother’s Sins

Detective Sebastian Saints thinks he's falling in love with Angel. A man who is the prime suspect in the Sin Killings. His detective skills and his sexuality come into question. Can he find Angel's twin brother, Miguel with the clues he leaves behind before he kills another Sinner? Is it possible to prove to Miguel that he won't hurt Angel like the other Sinners have in the past? Will catching Miguel give Angel the much-needed closure he needs?

\"Hey, Angel. How about we go up to Mount Charleston for a while, tonight? You know before it gets hot.\" Tony said.

Mount Charleston? Is this idiot serious? \"Yeah, sure. When?\"

\"After dinner, silly.\" Tony tapped Miguel\'s shoulder. \"You sure you feel okay. You don't seem yourself.\"

\"Yeah. I'm sure. We can get a few beers on the way there.\"

An hour later Miguel parked Tony's car by the road at Mummy's Mountain. The sky, full of stars unhindered by the new moon illuminating the scenery. \"Too bad it\'s not a Full Moon,\" Miguel said.

\"No worries. The darker, the better.\" Tony said with a hint of sexuality and took Miguel\'s hand. \"Come on, let's sit at our spot.\"

Miguel took his hand back quickly uncomfortable to the touch. \"Wait for me there. I'll get the beers and snacks.\" Miguel turned back to the car formulating a new plan as he typed on his phone.

When he came back to sit with Tony, he found him crying. \"What's wrong with you?\"

\"She hates me.\"

\"She's your ex. Of course, she hates you.\"

\"No. Mandy. She said that I was a bad person, and she wants to spend all her time with her mom.\"

Miguel felt bad for Tony. \"I'm sorry. Kids will be kids.\"

Tony taps the ground next to him. \"Sit with me… Please.\"

Miguel took a step back in disgust.

\"If you're upset about last night, get over it. I'm not gay. I just feel comfortable with you; that's all.\"

\"Still. You had…\"

\"Shut the fuck up. I said I was not gay. Get over it. I'll fuck you whenever I want. You know you liked it. Stop being such a fag and sit with me. Maybe lay your head on my lap.\"

Miguel didn't know what came over him. The feeling of humiliation fueled his core and anger that the humiliation was meant for Angel. After he had moved two steps closer, he took the third phase on Tony's face knocking him over unconscious. \"Fucking asshole. Brother, how do you put up with this shit? No wonder you're their doormat.\"

Miguel tied Tony with the orange rope he found in the trunk of Tony's car. He slapped him in the face a few times to wake him up but to no avail. \"You better not be dead. At least not yet.\"

Lights blinked on the horizon becoming steadier, and the engines roar broke the mountain\'s silence. Miguel walked to the road and flagged down the car.

\"Any trouble with Malakai?\"

A young man wearing a green hooded robe came out of the convertible and took out moving, tied pillowcase, and a shovel from the back seat. \"I think he's hungry.\"

\"What are you wearing?\"

\"It\'s cold up here.\"

\"You\'re fucking crazy.\" Miguel nods to the side. \"Put him by Tony.\" Miguel took the shovel, walked a few feet further into the forest, and started digging.

The cold air woke Tony up. The tightrope cut through his hands and ankles. The loud yells from Miguel confused him. \"Angel?\"

\"Ahhh. Look who's awake.\" The young man said. \"Miguel, he's up. Can I shut him up?\"

\"No. I'm almost done here.\"

\"Okay. So, you're Tony. The asshole that likes to wrestle.\"

Tony felt confused, and the headache was not helping him feel any better. As much as he tried to see who it was, he noticed that he could not see through one eye. \"Where's Angel?\"

\"He's at Miguel\'s condo.\" The young man caressed Tony's leg and groin. \"You did a bad thing, and now you're going to pay.\"

\"Mi-Mi-Miguel? He's here?\" Tony cringed as the massage became tougher hurting him.

The young man unbuttoned Tony's pants, lowered the zipper and rubbed the erecting penis firmly. \"You like this don't you? I hope Malakai likes it as much as I do.\"

Miguel walked normally to Tony. \"That would be me. You fucked my brother and sent him down the stairs. I almost had to get him from the hospital. Now he'll be at my condo for a few months, and I have to take care of him.\"

\"I'm sorry.\"

\"No. You don't understand. Fuckers like you make me sick. I'm the one that must take care of the depressed, manic, suicidal brother of mine. I have no life. I haven't had a real life in years because of assholes like you. This abuse has to stop, and you're going to free me from this.\"

\"I don't understand.\" Tony shifted. Please let me go.\"

The young man massages Tony\'s erect penis harder and faster. \"This is fun.\"

\"Leave him alone. I'm not going to be a party to rape.\" Miguel said.

\"Okay. Just think of what he did to Angel. He should be raped.\"

\"Don\'t be such a fucking drama queen and let him go.\"

Tony climaxed with a loud moan.

\"See, that was fun.\" The young man licked his hand clean. \"Tasty.\"

Miguel picked Tony by the feet and pulled him over the rocks, broken branches through the woods and into a dark hole.

Tony screamed in pain. \"What are you going to do to me?\"

\"You need to be punished. What you did to my brother needs to be dealt with.\" Miguel jumped in, held him by the head, pulled out a knife, and sliced off both ears.

Tony lost control of his bowels as he screamed in fear and pain. \"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt him.\"

\"Hmm. Can I do that to his peter?\" The young man asked.

\"You need help. Get Malakai and get him in here.\"

\"Miguel. Please let me go. I won't do it again. I promise. Please don't leave me here. He hasn't eaten in weeks.\" Fear rose to cry as Malakai slithered and surrounded his legs squeezing.

Miguel didn't feel any remorse or guilt. The freeing exhilaration of watching Tony scream in pain, blood gushing out of his head as Malakai pressed his torso made him blush. Watching him die this way was a triumph on its own.

\"Get the other shovel and help me bury him,\" Miguel demanded.

\"Can't we watch more?\"

\"Like I said, you need help.\"

After they had buried Tony, the young man came up to Miguel and held his arm.

\"I told you once already. I may look like Angel, but I'm not gay. So, get your fucking hands off me!\"

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