My Teens II

I remember when I first turned 18. I had a crush on this kid in wrestling at my school.  And a crush at this Punk, who used to walk me home. If only a guy would take the time to walk me back home today. That’d be funny.  I had fun in High School the wrestling kid always walked me from one class to the other. He was my age. Obviously, he was a wrestler, about 5’9, tight body, beautiful blue eyes and dressed very casual.
The punk on the other hand. He was almost 6 feet. Very thin, smoked and had a lanky body, naturally toned. I only saw him after school hanging out at the field waiting for me.  First, he walked me home from school, after a few months, he picked me up from home and walked me to school.  I know that he lived on the opposite side of the classroom.  I wish I would have done something with either one. Nonetheless, I have fond memories of those two.
There was, however, this one Air Force guy. I was working at a fast food restaurant, and he would come in and place his order. He came in at least twice a week and always waited for me to take his order.  There’s no way I would do that now. We ended up getting together. He would pick me up on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays. Yes. Those three days. I didn’t think about it much, but now I would.
Well, come to find out, he was dating two other boys those other days. One of which came up to us at a function with a gun and tried to shoot me.  I dropped him like a hot potato. Dating a guy was not worth my life. I knew that then. Hey, I was mature.
The funny thing is. I later met that kid, and we became good friends for many years before he died of Aids. I miss him. My mom misses him. She loved him dearly. She used to greet him by tapping the top of her head just like he did when he met her.
Nowadays, if a guy only saw me certain days of the week, then I know that there’s something fishy going on. He’s probably married, with kids. Or on the Down Low. Anyway. I’d probably tell him to his wife just to get to meet her.  Oh. Wait, I did that.
Share with me your experiences. I want to know what happened to you.
This will make sense with the three requirements I’ll write in the future.  I was asked to be some old guy’s boy toy. No sex, he didn’t believe that man should have sex with each other. He had a painful experience. He just wanted me to live with him, sleep with him (literally sleep, no sex) and go with him to nightclubs, dinners, and shows. I thought wow. I can be someone’s boy toy. Nope, I didn’t want to be told what I can and can not do. What if I wanted sex? Who do I call over? Do I call when he’s asleep?


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