New Beau and an Ex

New Beau and an Ex
Now that I’m in my 40’s I’m not really looking for someone too young. I want to meet someone that is around my age plus or minus ten years at the most. I don’t want to be the dirty old man like that guy I was telling you about. Nor do I want to be the gold digging little whore I can become.  No I want something simple and clean. Nonetheless, I have a great story for you.
40’th birthday was well on its way and approaching fast.  I wasn’t sure how I wanted to spend it, so I came up with this great idea to have a Black and White party. Everyone come in black and white and have ho rs d’oeuvres and cocktails, some entertainment and a lot of fun. 
As the days creeped slowly to death. That summer I met this hot, very hot young man. I didn’t know how he was at the time. He was a manager for a store (let’s just say), he had his own place, his own car and everything.  Latino, but looked white, unless he spoke Spanish you wouldn’t know.  He grabbed my attention and we went out a couple of times.
We went out a few times. Dinners, a party here or there. Our conversations were long and interesting. We talked about our jobs, our summers, our women (okay, his) and some men (mine, I didn’t have one), and about what we would do in the future.  He was comfortable with his sexuality and with me. Never crossed any boundaries.
Riding in his car was fun, especially with him flirting with you. We almost always spoke in double entrendres’ I wasn’t sure what was going on. Seem familiar right. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m forty and its no different from when I was thirty. I really don’t know what’s going on with these so called straight guys. So the sun kept rising and the heat kept getting hotter. I almost had him in my room, but I wasn’t sure and decided to play it cool.  That’s a lot of cold showers in the summer instead of the guy.
My birthday finally arrived. My exes showed up too. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have invited them. Anyone of them. They made this party a hassle and a pain in the ass. I smiled and accepted it. It was my fault to begin with.  So the party starts going and my ex makes a spectacle of himself. Telling everyone that we were getting married, adopting kids and making our lives a moment of truth. The guy I was trying to bed heard it all, asked questions and got lost. He approached me towards the end and asks me what’s up. I told him that my ex was crazy.
I found out he was 22 and was a little confused about me and my ex.  He pulled me aside gave me a shot and told me that my es is really serious and that he was going to back off. I didn’t know what to say. First, I was drunk. Second, I didn’t realize we were serious. I didn’t know we were courting. Someone forgot to tell me. I would have given in to his desires (ok, mine) long ago. And third, WTF was I supposed to say?
I never saw him again. Damn it.  Take my head. Leave the ex’s in the past. That’s were they belong. They will only make your life miserable. Of course I made his miserable too. Why be selfish.
Can you beat that story? I hope so, because I feel soooo stupid. I didn’t know we were dating and I shouldn’t have invited my ex.
Moral of the story:  Bed the guy before its too late and don’t let him meet your ex’s.

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