The Setting of your novel.

What world are you taking your reader to?

Give a new place to visit. Show us a new world. Take us out of time and space. Note your setting and take notes so you wont’ revert back to another time period.

What is the Setting’s Name. All worlds, countries, states, cities, locations have a name.
What is it? Is it a planet, a country, a loft?
Where is it? What the correlation of the story with where the setting takes place?
When is it? The time is important. If its set in the past we know how they dressed, if its in the future, show us.
Why is it? If it apostolistic, how did it become this way.
what are the Sights, Sounds, Smells, overall Feel of the place, show me.
If its a dystopian society, how did it become this way?
Keeping track of your setting and knowing where you are is important. With Writer’s Sidekick for Novels its easy.

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