Story Ideas

Do you have a great Story Idea?

Not sure how to develop it?  Try Writer’s Sidekick for Novels to get you started.

It starts with a Working Title, don’t worry about making it perfect, you can always play with it.

Do you know what your Genre is? If not, write down what it could be. Remember its always more than one. Find the ones that fit your style.

Point of View is always important to know. Who’s telling the story?

When is your Time Period? Is it in the past or is it in the futre?

Is your Setting Dystopian, Utopian, Post Apolitic, or today?

You always need a Protagonist and Antagonist or your story will have no depth.

What is your overall concept of the story?

This is a helpful form that you can use in Writer’s Sidekick for Novels.

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