The Man of my Dreams

Well, that’s why I made this blog.  To let you know how I’m going to get him.  Maybe It’s you, or you, or you.  I don’t.  I genuinely wish it was Gavin Dunn, but I won’t hold my breath.
Take a look at this blog and tell me what kind of laugh you’re getting. Stay focused and move forward. That’s my goal. Yes in deedee.
I want someone that is nice. I don’t much look into age. Of course, he needs to be over 21. I would like a drink now and then.  Under 100. Yes, the centennials are out. I would talk about 1980, and he’s going to talk about the 1880’s. Not going to happen.
Sincere. I know way too many guys that are so into themselves. All they talk about themselves. It’s about them. You’re dying in the hospital, and all they can talk about is a pimple on their nipple and how much it hurts.

 Good looking. Of course, that’s subjective. What I think is cute may not be what everyone thinks is cute.  So who knows. Maybe you’re cute.
Employed or at least seeking a job.  I don’t care what you do for a living. If you’re a drug dealer, then make sure I live in a mansion. If you’re at a restaurant, bring me some good food.  I’m looking for a multimillionaire that will finance all my whims. I will settle for someone that is dirt poor and loves me for who I am. You can be my silver, my gold, my platinum, my aluminum for that matter, just love me.

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