Welcome to 40GD

Welcome to 40GD (40, Gay and Dating) by Andres Fragoso, Jr.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Andres Fragoso, Jr. and I am over 42, gay and trying to find that long lasting love in my life.  This blog will tell you about my adventures and miss adventures trying to find love at this age. I am a writer by passion, a poem by design, a family member by love and a man by nature. I have my faults. However, I do have my virtues. I hope that you can see that they are not always balanced, but they are sometimes more balanced under the naked eye.
I live in Las Vegas, been here since I was 17. Before that I was in Oregon for a year. Spent most of my childhood in Culver City, Venice, Santa Monica, Visalia, Lemon Cove and a few other unremembered cities in California. I spent a few years as an adult in Los Angeles, CA, did my stint in the Army in Ft. Lewis and lived in Mexico too.  I have a bit of experience living in different cities and countries and love gets more difficult as I get older.
Being over 40 is a blessing and a cruse. It defies the laws of aging and love.  It’s also an age where anything is possible and everything is impossible. Where new experiences are welcomed. Old habits are forgiven. Memories are forever gone. Love is a gift, don’t let give it away needlessly, you will never get it back.
Without further ado I present you with my 40GD blog. Laugh at my experiences. Just don’t laugh at me.  Re-live some of my old memories and maybe give me your opinion on something that made you remember something in life.
I don’t know about you. But I don’t remember turning thirty. Of course that was soooo long ago. Thirty was a great age for me. I started dating younger men. I mean 20 to 26. I don’t know why. I dated older men all the time and then all of a sudden. Bang. 20 year old’s looking for a mature man.
Then I turned forty. Things definitely changed. I threw a big party. Black and White. I had a live singer, he was quite good. Food was great, I had to have it catered, I didn’t want my mom in the kitchen, her birthday was a few days later.
The company was the best part of it all. Friends of my brother’s and sister came. I saw most of them grow up. Family form LA came over to wish me a happy birthday. Friends from my writing class came as well.
Now that was fun, they made the Mystery Game come to life. Thank you all again.

Now if only I could get one of the guys in the picture.

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