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My Books

Under the Lemon Tree: a Family Recipe of Jealousy, Lies, and Betrayal

Under the lemon tree is a defining story from a colorful past relished under great, honorable, honest, and upright grandparents to a bitter family dispute that has ruined everything and everyone’s life. This book shows different personalities that changed themselves from good to bad, from heroes to villains.

Listen, Poems on being Gay, Bipolar, and Alive

This book is dedicated to my family, friends, strangers, and those who have suffered being gay for being themselves or with this insanity we call life. It does not matter if you are straight, sane, gay, depressed, or bipolar. This book of thoughts and poems is for you. You might learn from it, make fun of me, or be surprised by some things I can put down on paper.

Notice: Do Not purchase my books from Amazon! They are fake copies stolen from me.


Co-Authored Books

Dominic's Guide to Text Codes Decoding the Confusing Language of Text Messaging

Hi, I'm Dominic Saborido, Jr. I was eleven years old when I wrote this book because a lot of people don't have enough time to text. Or maybe I made this because some adults don't understand what people say when they text HMU, IDK, WTEVR, etc.

This guide is for any type of message.

PS Please don't text and drive.