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My Garden

I ran through the garden hiding from an evil man, Jose. Who has come back to hurt me once again? Was it not enough what I did for him? I gave him my trust, my life, my being. He asked. I gave willingly. Jose left, and with him, he took my heart, soul, and trust in humankind. I cried, I yelled, I got sick. A broken heart is hard to mend when shattered into a million pieces.

I had just found peace found among the cacti, weeds, and the brown grass of the desert. And I ran faster away from him. A familiar voice yelled, "Stop!" I froze on my heels and dropped to the ground bleeding tears.

Lilly bloomed from my blood on the soil. "I had lost Adam to Eve. He didn't come back for me. Your Jose may not be either. Be brave and strong, and you will see. The past has passed, so cherishing the few good memories. The present is hard, and you will see that your future will be easy and truly be with only one, and he is to come," she said to me.

Daisy smiled with her white petals, placed her leaves behind her stalk, bent her stem, and giggled, "What do you miss the most?" She seemed to know my mistrust of me, Jose, my reason for running from every man.

"What do I miss the most? Oh Daisy, my best friend. What I miss the most is waking up to someone that cared for me. I guess I don't miss it if I never had it."

I lay by my flowers on their bed. I sobbed, cried, and hugged myself, wondering why Jose had contacted me. The sun shines in my eyes. Clouds are white and then dark. Thunder threatened my fears for his warmth. My tears rained on their petals, "It's been two full years, and I miss him so."

Dandelion roared as he grew big and strong, "Keep your heart safe, and don't let him gain your trust again!" He firmly said. "Don't you have self-respect?"

I placed my hands to my face and cried, "I did. I do. I don't know anymore. He's back to me too quickly if you ask me. I had just found the peace and serenity of being myself and whole again." I composed myself and took a deep, calming breath.

"I truly miss the lullaby of his voice as he once took me in his arms. I missed the aroma of his soul when I inhaled his scent, how I longed for the warmth of his hot body next to mine. However, the insincerity of his words when he called me baby that I don't trust him."

Violet shouted, "Be strong, and you will see that the man you loved did not care for you." Her scent impregnated my senses. "The months have flown by quickly. You are a whole man. Don't forget you forged a new leaf of wisdom."

Hyacinth raised her leaves, "Welcome back, young man, watch your step in the flower bed and your new life, " she said in her royal demeanor. "Besides, what's the rush? You almost died a year ago. You're not alive for this pain." Her round face grinned at me as if she knew who my destiny, lover, and man would be.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. "Young man." I turned, "you should've kissed a flower twice, thrice to bring you eternal love, when you gave your heart away," Rose's splendor beauty blinded me.

I kneeled to kiss her. "Three? No, my dear Rose. A dozen of you I wish to smell. But not anymore. I don't want chocolate diamonds on a single rose or wedding ring. I want to trust and nothing more."

I gathered all of them in my arms and rested my head on them. "Oh, Daisy, I lay me down to think how my life has been without me, Jose and how it will be when I find trust in a man." I closed my eyes to sleep.

I felt a kiss on my cheek. "Good morning, love." It's what he said. I looked to see who had such a beautiful and manly voice in the garden. Alas, it was not a flower nor a weed, not a cactus nor a dry bush.

Another kiss was stolen from my lips. I cleared my eyes of the glare, and there he was. A man who brought with him trust.

My Garden
September 17, 2018
Revised May 23, 2022

Word Count: 750

Published inShort Stories