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In Isolation Getting Through COVID19 Anthology


Finally, March 13, 2021, had arrived. The concert of the year, "Quarantine 2020", was an appropriate title song and name for a show. What was funny was the singer's stage name, "Iso Lation!" Yes, with an Exclamation Point. This was his first concert. The news said that they've never heard music like his—

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Andres Fragoso, Jr. gathered great authors and their literature to create In Isolation Las Vegas Anthology 2021.

Inspiring People Through the COVID19 Quarantine, In 2020, we faced a new virus spread worldwide, and quarantine isolation helped prevent the spread to the uninfected. It was like a scene straight out of the movies. While enduring quarantine, people needed something uplifting to cheer them up, which could lighten the mood and give hope for the future.
This collection of stories from local Las Vegas authors are snippets of their lives’ struggles and how they copped with the quarantine. Some are funny, some are not so funny, but overall they are great stories.

Ned Barnett, Anderson Black, Peter Black, Nancy Dick, Niza Gonzalez, IM Humanity, Georgia Morales, Valerie J Runyan, Lauren Tallman.

Cover image by Wally Hawkins

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