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Andres Fragoso, Jr. Posts

The Legend of Lauren Tallman

Legend has it that Lauren Tallman is this mystical being traveling through the forests, rivers, deserts, and snow as a gust of warm air. You’ll … Read more


There was a time when I was free. Free from pain and deceit. So naïve in my youth, Jason the Argonaut had taken me as … Read more


“Oliver, where are you?” I haven’t seen him in a while. My bed was cold and empty without him. “Oliver, is that you holding my … Read more

Fifteen – Love

Peter observes Quinten lustfully striking the tennis ball with toned arms that move with lightning speed. The ball hits Peter making him fall backward and … Read more

Army Buddies

John’s stele blues fixate on Miguel’s deep, rich, brown eyes giving him a shudder of anticipation. The hope of unbridle passion was ever-present in the … Read more


Finally, March 13, 2021, had arrived. The concert of the year, “Quarantine 2020”, was an appropriate title song and name for a show. What was … Read more

And Then There Were Two

It was a dark, stormy, and spooky night. Not a zombie was stirring, not even the black demonic cat. Unless you look away, you couldn’t … Read more