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Andres Fragoso, Jr. Posts

My Cowboy

A cowboy walks before me. Is that Jake? He looks like Jake. What kind of car is he driving? The same walk. Why do cowboys … Read more

My Garden

I ran through the garden hiding from an evil man, Jose. Who has come back to hurt me once again? Was it not enough what … Read more

Here Comes Santa Clause

“Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus. Right down Santa Claus Lane. He’s got a bag that is filled with toys. For the boys … Read more


Franklin sits on the table in the examination room. “I’m Dr. Rontgen.” The doctor stood up and fixed his stethoscope on Franklin to hear his … Read more

Thirty Days of Passion

I light my fifth cigarette of the morning and smoke in the cool February air. Taking a sip of my coffee, I greet the apartment … Read more

The Legend of Placensio

At last, we arrive at our father’s hometown in Mexico. It is up in the mountains into the deep desert, away from the city’s flashing … Read more


Unfortunately, many people have some kind of Mental Disorder such as Bi-Polar (manic depressive illness) and are not aware of it or don’t know how … Read more