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The Legend of Lauren Tallman

Legend has it that Lauren Tallman is this mystical being traveling through the forests, rivers, deserts, and snow as a gust of warm air. You’ll always know it is her. Who else can entice you with love, appreciation for a naked body, and the trust of a stranger as you give in, take away, and return with a smile? Her whispers are her thoughts of sexuality in your mind.

“Touch me.” A quick glimpse in your eyes.

“Softer.” A slow depression on your skin.

“Stop.” A gentle push on the bed.

“Never.” A sickly scent fills the air.

“Now.” Deafening silence in your ears.

No matter where you were or what you were doing. Lauren Tallman is always in your mind. From the wink of a stranger’s eye to a seductive smile of a peer. You’re never alone.

In bed, her voice carries like a flute in the open with your spouse. Musical notes appear over you and your lover as you touch, kiss, embrace, slide, slap, bite, moan, and ask for more when you climax.

“That’s it. You got me.” These are the last words you imagine as you take your deepest breath and fall asleep in your lover’s arms. Resting for the next day to break and hear her gentle, seductive voice advise you on your sensuality.

The Legend of Lauren Tallman
April 30, 2022

Word Count 219

Published inFlash Fiction