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Andres Fragoso, Jr. Posts


Captain Beau Whitley opens the door of his Avian. His white, helmeted head sticks out in deep contrast to the burned fighter. He retracted his … Read more

A Meadow

There once was a dessert That now we call The Meadows There once was a temple Now we have a City Center There once was … Read more

The Knock

Finally, I’m home. It’s been a long day, and all I want is to get some rest. Order some Chinese food. I don’t feel like … Read more

The Regret Poem

Aroon sat up from the love nest of soft leaves. “Dugan, do you feel any regret over the changes we made?” He covered his shoulders … Read more

Writer’s Block

Nigel Seagull sat at his desk. His old typewriter sat silent underneath his trembling fingers. He had not typed a word in three weeks. Nigel, … Read more

Old Man

Ana-Rosa rushes to the café across the street from the university. Her meeting with her professor ran half an hour late. I hope he’s still … Read more