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I have a poem published here. Check it out. You'll love it.


"Imagoes, the long awaited queer anthology complied and edited by Jamal Jones and published by Love, Pain & Poetry Publishing. Writers, performers and multi disciplined artists come together for this expression of space and a new era the journey of being queer. Inspired by Wanda Coleman Jamal creates his first anthology of many. Pre-Order your copy today."


My Boy Toy

I mentioned before that I am not comfortable with having a boy toy. I’ll tell you why. When I hit thirty-five for some reason, younger men started following me. Ask me out or getting to know me. At first, it was cool, why not someone younger and virile and handsome. I paid most of the way, not sure why it seemed expected of me.

One guy, in particular, let’s name him Trevor. We met casually in Venice, strike up a

We had a lot of fun, but it was getting expensive — dinners, movies, amusement parks, etc. Oh, and the gas, because I was always picking him up and dropping him off, which of course was in a different city than where I lived, about an hour drive on the freeway. Anyway, it got expensive.

After a while of this and my funds were running low. I told him that he also has a job and he might want to pay his way. I have my apartment and car, he still lived at home and rode with his aunt to work.

Guess what happened next.  Guess. No really guess.


Dominic’s Guide to Text Codes

Hi, I'm Dominic Saborido, Jr., I'm 12 years old and I wrote this book because a lot of people don't have enough time to text.

Doms Hand Phone Cover

Or maybe I made this because some adults don't understand what people say when they text HMU, IDK, WTEVR, etc..

This guide is for any type of messages.

P.S. Please don't text and drive.

The book goes on sale on July 1, 2019

You can now purchase your Autographed copy now.

Under the Lemon Tree – Relaunch

I succumbed to the pressures of my family and took it down. However, I realized that I am me, not them. So I am relaunching Under the Lemon Tree with new chapters.

Available now on Amazon.

Click on Image to purchase your copy.

Under the Lemon Tree

\"Under the Lemon Tree\" is written based on the ideas of family. It is a book of poetry that tells the story of the Lemontree family. This book shows different personalities that changed from good to bad, from heroes to villains. This is a story that almost everyone in the world can relate to because similar events happen in so many families. I have seen families torn apart by lies, cheating, stealing, and self-hate.

This story is about seven beautiful sisters who ruin their family name and takes everyone through the most profound decline. Under the Lemon Tree shows the central point of seven sisters and one brother who were at one point loving and caring for their nephew, the protagonist of the story. He believed them to be divine. From childhood, he walked with them, followed them, and did whatever they did. They were like goddesses to him, because he believed they could never make mistakes. He used to always feel proud of them.

This is the tale of those dark ages when all the love and care has vanished over an inheritance dispute. The family name, Lemontree, was changed from being revered with great respect to being the joke of the town. All the sisters are fighting over an inheritance that doesn\'t belong to them. They lied to each other and created misconceptions and misunderstandings.

They gay shamed their brother and nephew for being gay, for being men of culture and education, and for being honest with themselves and no longer their puppets. The protagonist realizes how the sisters have abused them both emotionally, verbally, and sometimes mentally.

Under the Lemon Tree is a defining a story from a bright past relished under great, honorable, honest, and upright grandparents to a bitter family dispute that has ruined everything and everyone\'s life.

Under the lemon tree
The lemontree surname
Lovely, loving sisters in arms
Fighting each other ridiculous reasons
Using father's illness, an excuse for bloodshed
Words are more dangerous, sharper than a knife, drawing blood

One who bears a burden
Loving each other openly
Respect i had learned from each and much more
Together you fought battles for each other's life
Let us bring peace to our family's name together again

Memories are special
Cherish them always in my heart
Family is forever and a day
Our grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins
Father, mother, sisters brother, nieces, and nephews

The perfect family
I grew up loved, as the firstborn
Each aunt very different from the other
Like a garden of dahlias each assorted color
All seven beautiful, honorable, independent

Xocotl a lemon
A quauitl is a tree
Together, in nahuatl, lemon tree
My family's surname i honor and respect
Sweet, bitter, energy, good mood, like a family

It is a family
Name in the aztec language
Mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, and son
It is also our grandparents, grandchildren, aunt\'s, and uncles
All inclusive, no exceptions, our blood, accept it

A misunderstanding
Hate, disdain, cruelty, blood, pain
Sisters fighting over inheritance
Broken laws, arrests, lawyers, money, false statements
Taking what is not ours, and creating animosity
Matriarch's lonely grave
Sisters break as chocolate
Grandmother would have not ever suspect
Seven daughters' love gone awry with disrespect
No more teaching the importance of love of family

Entertained by daughters
Defending his favorite always
Watching them fight for a plot, not theirs
Sisters loyalties shift, showing favoritism
It is not his land alone, he only owns a small part

The lemons of discord
Talking ill about the sisters
Blaming each other parent\'s illness
Who will watch grandfather? Everyone is busy
Not common sense if you know better to work together

An unwarranted help
Brought into a war by default
Most kept out, no harm done, three stayed fighting
Those with the ability to talk should hold tongue
Sisters fight alone be fought, children need not to be involved.

At patriarch\'s death bed
Sisters blaming each other
Jealousies of all unfaithful husbands
Cheating lovers, loyalty earned at gunpoint
Too much money and dominance are not enough for them
They forgive and accept again
Sisters, brother, and cousins are reunited
Preparing weekly dinners is a tradition
Our youth will one day run the world with love not hate

I do wish this should be
Family closes boundaries
Cousins met, present spouses and children
Sisters with loose morals stop calling faithful whores
Taking a closer look at tails to see how clean they are

It means family
To meet again, or the first time
From across borders to local cities
Together again for one special evening
Honoring my grandmother's last dying wish to break bread

The author of this book
Andres fragoso, jr.
Son, nephew, cousin, brother, uncle
Family unity is essential to him
Why must relatives fight amongst each other, and not love?

My Brother’s Sins

Detective Sebastian Saints thinks he's falling in love with Angel. A man who is the prime suspect in the Sin Killings. His detective skills and his sexuality come into question. Can he find Angel's twin brother, Miguel with the clues he leaves behind before he kills another Sinner? Is it possible to prove to Miguel that he won't hurt Angel like the other Sinners have in the past? Will catching Miguel give Angel the much-needed closure he needs?

\"Hey, Angel. How about we go up to Mount Charleston for a while, tonight? You know before it gets hot.\" Tony said.

Mount Charleston? Is this idiot serious? \"Yeah, sure. When?\"

\"After dinner, silly.\" Tony tapped Miguel\'s shoulder. \"You sure you feel okay. You don't seem yourself.\"

\"Yeah. I'm sure. We can get a few beers on the way there.\"

An hour later Miguel parked Tony's car by the road at Mummy's Mountain. The sky, full of stars unhindered by the new moon illuminating the scenery. \"Too bad it\'s not a Full Moon,\" Miguel said.

\"No worries. The darker, the better.\" Tony said with a hint of sexuality and took Miguel\'s hand. \"Come on, let's sit at our spot.\"

Miguel took his hand back quickly uncomfortable to the touch. \"Wait for me there. I'll get the beers and snacks.\" Miguel turned back to the car formulating a new plan as he typed on his phone.

When he came back to sit with Tony, he found him crying. \"What's wrong with you?\"

\"She hates me.\"

\"She's your ex. Of course, she hates you.\"

\"No. Mandy. She said that I was a bad person, and she wants to spend all her time with her mom.\"

Miguel felt bad for Tony. \"I'm sorry. Kids will be kids.\"

Tony taps the ground next to him. \"Sit with me… Please.\"

Miguel took a step back in disgust.

\"If you're upset about last night, get over it. I'm not gay. I just feel comfortable with you; that's all.\"

\"Still. You had…\"

\"Shut the fuck up. I said I was not gay. Get over it. I'll fuck you whenever I want. You know you liked it. Stop being such a fag and sit with me. Maybe lay your head on my lap.\"

Miguel didn't know what came over him. The feeling of humiliation fueled his core and anger that the humiliation was meant for Angel. After he had moved two steps closer, he took the third phase on Tony's face knocking him over unconscious. \"Fucking asshole. Brother, how do you put up with this shit? No wonder you're their doormat.\"

Miguel tied Tony with the orange rope he found in the trunk of Tony's car. He slapped him in the face a few times to wake him up but to no avail. \"You better not be dead. At least not yet.\"

Lights blinked on the horizon becoming steadier, and the engines roar broke the mountain\'s silence. Miguel walked to the road and flagged down the car.

\"Any trouble with Malakai?\"

A young man wearing a green hooded robe came out of the convertible and took out moving, tied pillowcase, and a shovel from the back seat. \"I think he's hungry.\"

\"What are you wearing?\"

\"It\'s cold up here.\"

\"You\'re fucking crazy.\" Miguel nods to the side. \"Put him by Tony.\" Miguel took the shovel, walked a few feet further into the forest, and started digging.

The cold air woke Tony up. The tightrope cut through his hands and ankles. The loud yells from Miguel confused him. \"Angel?\"

\"Ahhh. Look who's awake.\" The young man said. \"Miguel, he's up. Can I shut him up?\"

\"No. I'm almost done here.\"

\"Okay. So, you're Tony. The asshole that likes to wrestle.\"

Tony felt confused, and the headache was not helping him feel any better. As much as he tried to see who it was, he noticed that he could not see through one eye. \"Where's Angel?\"

\"He's at Miguel\'s condo.\" The young man caressed Tony's leg and groin. \"You did a bad thing, and now you're going to pay.\"

\"Mi-Mi-Miguel? He's here?\" Tony cringed as the massage became tougher hurting him.

The young man unbuttoned Tony's pants, lowered the zipper and rubbed the erecting penis firmly. \"You like this don't you? I hope Malakai likes it as much as I do.\"

Miguel walked normally to Tony. \"That would be me. You fucked my brother and sent him down the stairs. I almost had to get him from the hospital. Now he'll be at my condo for a few months, and I have to take care of him.\"

\"I'm sorry.\"

\"No. You don't understand. Fuckers like you make me sick. I'm the one that must take care of the depressed, manic, suicidal brother of mine. I have no life. I haven't had a real life in years because of assholes like you. This abuse has to stop, and you're going to free me from this.\"

\"I don't understand.\" Tony shifted. Please let me go.\"

The young man massages Tony\'s erect penis harder and faster. \"This is fun.\"

\"Leave him alone. I'm not going to be a party to rape.\" Miguel said.

\"Okay. Just think of what he did to Angel. He should be raped.\"

\"Don\'t be such a fucking drama queen and let him go.\"

Tony climaxed with a loud moan.

\"See, that was fun.\" The young man licked his hand clean. \"Tasty.\"

Miguel picked Tony by the feet and pulled him over the rocks, broken branches through the woods and into a dark hole.

Tony screamed in pain. \"What are you going to do to me?\"

\"You need to be punished. What you did to my brother needs to be dealt with.\" Miguel jumped in, held him by the head, pulled out a knife, and sliced off both ears.

Tony lost control of his bowels as he screamed in fear and pain. \"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt him.\"

\"Hmm. Can I do that to his peter?\" The young man asked.

\"You need help. Get Malakai and get him in here.\"

\"Miguel. Please let me go. I won't do it again. I promise. Please don't leave me here. He hasn't eaten in weeks.\" Fear rose to cry as Malakai slithered and surrounded his legs squeezing.

Miguel didn't feel any remorse or guilt. The freeing exhilaration of watching Tony scream in pain, blood gushing out of his head as Malakai pressed his torso made him blush. Watching him die this way was a triumph on its own.

\"Get the other shovel and help me bury him,\" Miguel demanded.

\"Can't we watch more?\"

\"Like I said, you need help.\"

After they had buried Tony, the young man came up to Miguel and held his arm.

\"I told you once already. I may look like Angel, but I'm not gay. So, get your fucking hands off me!\"

Listen, Poems on being Gay, Bipolar, and Alive


Listen to me when I cry,
I\'m not asking for your opinion or advice,
I\'m asking for your shoulder where I can cry,
I\'m only asking for a little of your time.

Listen to me when I am depressed,
To yell at me \"Get over it!\" does not help me,
I do not get sick at will. I did not choose to be ill,
I\'m asking for your understanding.

Listen to me when I have fears and tears,
To tell me: \"It\'s all in your head,\" does not encourage me,
Yes, it is in my head, that\'s why it\'s a mental illness,
I have no control of these fears or shedding tears.

Listen to me when I\'m in agony,
To tell me: \"You want attention,\" does not comfort me,
I\'m not five years old and don\'t need you to scold me,
I need you to comprehend my agonizing pain.

Listen to me when I am depressed,
I\'m not asking for attention and it\'s not always in my head,
My illness is real. Real to me, I feel it every day,
Why do you undermine my pain?

Listen to me when I cry,
It hurts me when you don\'t listen and ignore my pain,
I am your son, your brother, your nephew,
I am your cousin, your blood and your friend.

One Time Courtor Article

Writing your character

The Courtor
Making your gay character pop is difficult enough. What happens when your character is a One Time Courter? Does he do it on purpose? Is doing it because he’s curious? Or is he confused? Know the backstory before writing his actions. The Courtor is not a homophobe, far from that. He is straight. He just likes the Courteee because he’s friendly and nice. He makes a good friend and is very understanding.

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dear andy, my boyfriend has no respect for me

Dear Andy, I am 35 years old. I am Hispanic and I think that my boyfriend has no respect for me and doesn’t make me feel that I have worth. He’s always interrupting me when I’m talking and wants me to focus on his day. If I have a problem, he tells me that there’s nothing he can do. He won’t listen to the problem and just be there for me. He has slowly taken me away from my parents and siblings.

Three and only 3

The Power of 3?

So, yes I’ll admit. I’m a bit of a slut. Well, the male version of it. Anyway. I hooked up with this guy, and we spent hours together. We talked a bit, but mostly with each other and just enjoying life. Life was grand; here I thought I found someone that I would be comfortable with. Same insights, same likes and dislikes and all of that. I was a happy man.

Then. After the third time we were together, I didn’t hear from him. What the f(&*( happened. Maybe he had a lot of work to do. Maybe he needed a break? Perhaps there was an emergency with his family? I don’t know. For all, I knew he was dead in a ditch being raped by a meth addict.

Come to find out he got back in touch with me. He said that he was visiting Vegas for that week and had a lot of fun. Now he’s back home with his wife and kids somewhere in New York.

Really? What the hell? Couldn’t he tell me this first? Let me know that I was going out with a married man? OMG. What is wrong with this world?